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A Message of Concern and Hope

Jun 05, 2020
ASA’s CEO letter to members and friends

I would like to take a moment to say we are all in unprecedented times. It started with the Pandemic and public health concerns, particularly for our elderly and minority communities who have been disproportionally impacted due to health and economic inequity. Followed by grief, as many in our Society, profession and nation witnessed the senseless injustice over what has recently taken place in Minnesota, as well as in Georgia, Kentucky and New York.

I know several of you may be living in cities where you are experiencing firsthand the protesting that is happening or seeing this on the news. The pain, anger and demand for change are clearly visible around the world and contrasted with the rioting, looting and destruction, which I personally do not agree with. I believe for us to overcome and make any change we must do it peacefully.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that peaceful protest is how voices are best heard. At ASA we have been listening and have been taking steps to address the fundamental issues of diversity, equity and inclusion including:

What drives and brings our Society and profession together is our shared, passionate belief that appraisers are independent, impartial and most important without prejudice.

I know in my heart we will get through this as there are too many good people out there in this nation and the world that will overshadow the bad. Let’s take the time to listen to each other. This is the only way we will move forward.

We’re truly all in this together - #ASAforAll.

Johnnie White, CEO