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Leaderboard Winners Announced

Oct 14, 2020

ASA announces the winners of the 2020 ASA International Conference Leaderboard Contest.
  • First Place: Shaun Maloney, 45500 points – winner of the Full 2021 Conference Registration
  • Second Place: Karin Costa, 39000 points – winner of the Amazon Echo Show
  • Third Place: Cortland Byram, 38650 points – winner of the $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Fourth Place, Alain Mamane, 36450 points – winner of the ASA Embossed Moleskin Notebook & Swag Bag
  • Fifth Place, Jason Kmiecik, 35800 points – winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card
Thank you to all the attendees who participated in the event's leaderboard contest. Participants' activity during the event, by attending sessions, visiting exhibitor booths, engaging fellow attendees via the platform's chat tool to earn points, helped contribute to the overall success of this historical virtual event.