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July Real Property State Legislation Report

Jun 25, 2021

California (AB 948): This legislation would require at least 2 hours of elimination of bias training for an appraiser to renew their license. Additionally, any formal complaints of appraisal discrimination would be investigated by the California Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers. This bill awaits consideration in the California State Assembly.

To read the text of AB 948, click here.

New Jersey (A5146, A5185): These bills work in tandem to address discrimination in the valuation of real property. A5146 permits the State Real Estate Appraiser Board to revoke, suspend or fine appraisers if it has been determined that they knowingly engaged in a discriminatory appraisal. Further, A5185 requires appraisers to provide a notice to the buyer that informs them of the opportunity to report, through the Division of Consumer Affairs, any suspicion of a discriminatory appraisal. Both bills reside in the New Jersey General Assembly.

To read the text of A5146, click here. To read the text of A5185, click here.

Illinois (HB 93, HB 3714): HB 93 enables an aggrieved party to commence a civil action lawsuit against an appraiser if the buyer has suspicion that a discriminatory appraisal occurred. HB 3714 states that, upon adjudication, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation may revoke or suspend an appraiser's license if there is evidence of a discriminatory appraisal. HB 3714 has passed in the Illinois House and Senate, while HB 93 awaits further consideration in the state Senate.

To read the text of HB 93, click here. To read the text of HB 3714, click here.