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New Federal Lawsuit Alleging Appraiser Bias Questions the Valuation Process

Jan 03, 2022

A new federal lawsuit was recently filed United States District Court for the Northern District of California, alleging that an appraiser and appraisal management company showed racial bias in an appraisal of a Marin County property owned by a black couple seeking a mortgage refinance. The complaint alleges violations of the Fair Housing Act, Civil Rights Act of 1866, and California statutes and common law. The homeowners and the Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California filed the complaint against a California appraiser and Utah-based AMC. 

Join attorneys, Ryan Endsley and Craig Capilla has they walk you through this increasingly familiar complaint and how a new twist could potentially put the entire valuation practice on trial, as well as important takeaways for appraisers. Also included is a link to the filed complaint for further detailed examination. 

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