Intangible Asset (IA) Courses

Prior to their initial releases, ASA’s two (2) IA courses received extensive review by leading valuation professionals including representatives from all of the “Big Four” accounting firms as well as leading valuation practitioners. ASA’s IA course developers continually assess new releases of draft or final guidance as well as other developments for their relevance and possible inclusion in BV 301 and 302 course instruction.

Focus on Valuation

ASA recognizes that intangibles appraisers practice in financial reporting, tax and litigation valuation settings; therefore, ASA’s IA Program exams are focused on valuation theory rather than accounting matters.

Intangible Asset (IA) Accreditation Form

ASA's Intangible Asset Appraisal Specialty is currently available to Accredited Senior Appraisers and Fellows in good standing within the Business Valuation discipline.