2021, 09/28: Ego or Money – which is more important to you?

Hosted By ASA's DFW Chapter

September 28, 2021 | 6pm CT

Mi Cocina
SW corner of Preston Forest

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Ego or Money – which is more important to you?

The results published by a valuation person are rarely truly tested, which then promotes a sense of over confidence/definiteness/credibility. If it is challenged, who is to say one side is right. Winning over a judge does not necessarily mean there is a willing party that will buy the company at that price.

ASA promotes higher learning by raising the bar for certification and requiring continuing education. Given the amount of knowledge a member has gathered during this process, it seems reasonable that they would be able to manage their own investment portfolio. However, few of us have the time to do the research and are extremely sensitive to losing money. The later defines risk. If you felt confident in your conclusion on a company, how much money would you be willing to invest?

The DFW Chapter of ASA is inviting its members to a series of discussions on public companies. We will have members present two or three public companies in the same industry and provide their thoughts on the pros and cons of each and which company would be suitable to add to your portfolio.

None of the ideas or advice given is meant to be investment advice, but a discussion on methodologies and assumptions that we use for private companies but applied to public companies.

If you would like to be one our members who like to discuss a particular industry, contact: Elizabeth A. Schrupp at schrupp@msn.com