Online education provides an alternative to traditional classroom training.


BV USPAP OnDemand News!

The 2020-2021 BV 7 Hour OnDemand course is NOW AVAILABLE - sign up and get started today! The 2020-2021 BV 15 Hour OnDemand is still undergoing development and is expected to become available by August 2020. Not sure which USPAP you need? Check out this USPAP Chart.

Access these self-paced online course modules, view presentations, download handouts, and if applicable, take practice quizzes - all at your convenience by logging into ASA's website. View OnDemand Classes.

Webinars and Webinar Series
Webinars take place on a specific date and time, live online. They require internet access, a phone and/or microphone. View ASA's Class Schedule for upcoming live webinars scheduled and open for registration.

Webinar Recordings
Previously recorded webinars are convenient in case you missed any live presentations. Access or download them locally to your computer for convenient access via ASA's Marketplace.

Audio Recordings 
ASA partners with an audio course provider to offer MTS/ME 201, 202, 203 and 204 in this audio-only format. This self study format is designed for ease, consisting of MP3 audio files and e-handouts. All materials needed to complete the course are provided, including final exam instructions.

ASA’s eLearning Course Affiliates

Mbition *National USPAP Courses (formerly OnCourse Learning)

In order to bring you a wider range of eLearning opportunities, ASA has partnered with Mbition (formerly OnCourse Learning to provide online USPAP courses as well as online Real Property appraisal course options. Whether you are looking for a USPAP course, to earn your real estate appraisers license or to meet ASA continuing education requirements (such as USPAP), you will find single courses or complete packages covering beginning, qualifying and continuing education requirements.

To speak with a Mbition course specialist or if you are in need of assistance with regard to Mbition's administration and processing, contact (800) 532-7649 or visit Mbition.  

*If you are unsure if these are the right USPAP classes for you double check this USPAP Chart, contact member@appraisers.org or reach out to Member Service Representative at (800) 272-8258.  
Mbition's 2020-2021 (7) and (15) hour online USPAP offerings will not be available until early 2020, after they have gone through state approvals. 

  1. Visit ASA's Mbition portal
  2. Select a Profession, i.e. Real Estate or Appraisal; 
  3. Select a State, i.e. National or Alabama; 
  4. Select an Education Type, i.e. New License (15 Hour) or Continuing Education (7 or 15 Hour).

Please note: ASA is an affiliate provider only.  All administration and processing of these courses is handled exclusively by Mbition. It is the student’s responsibility to retain any Certificate of Completion documentation provided by Mbition.