Virtual Class FAQs

These frequently asked questions will help virtual registrants understand more about how ASA's Virtual Classes work, and what virtual students can expect throughout their learning experience.   

  • What is a Virtual Class?

  • What do I need to participate in a Virtual Class?

  • How does a Virtual Class work?

  • How do participants join a Virtual Class?

  • What if I am having trouble joining a Virtual Class and/or connecting via my computer/webcam once the class has started?

  • How are students engaged during a Virtual Class?

  • Is there limited "seating" for Virtual Classes?

  • How do I register for a Virtual Class?

  • How do I access handouts for the class?

  • How is the final exam administered and what is the procedure for virtual students?

  • What if I need my Exam Request Form processed faster than 10 business days or sooner than I anticipated?

  • Who can proctor my final exam?

  • What happens if I fail the exam?