BV301-Challenge Exam

Challenging of ASA Course: BV301


A student’s status must be as a “Candidate” in ASA in order to challenge an individual POV course.

To "challenge" or test out of an MTS or BV course means that an individual has studied the course materials on their own (without attending the course) and that they passed the course examination. . The student must then notify ASA by completing the Exam Request Form (included in downloadable course materials) when ready to take the exam. Once a student passes the exam they are eligible to enroll or challenge the next course in the POV series.

Important Information Prior to Purchase

  • Purchase includes the course manual/all course materials. Please eMail to notify them you have purchased the challenge exam and to request your eMaterials.
  • All challenge examinations must be proctored. It is the student's responsibility to secure a proctor.
  • See “Proctor Requirements” on the course policy page for eligibility information.
  • Courses may ONLY be challenged in sequential order.
  • Students have one (1) year from the date of purchase to review the materials and complete the proctored exam.
  • Exam Request Form submissions may take up to ten (10) business days to process so please plan accordingly
  • Be sure to go to log into your ASA Profile and check your Downloads tab within 30 days of your purchase for important downloadable information.

Contact ASA Education Team.


Pricing $1,195.00
ASA-Member $1,195.00
Non-Member N/A
Available Yes