Jewelry Appraisal Handbook: 10th Ed Book + PDF

Book + PDF

American Society of Appraisers. Jewelry Appraisal Handbook (Tenth Edition, 2021)

Last updated in 2016, ASA's Jewelry Appraisal Handbook is an indispensable reference work for the practicing gems and jewelry appraiser. The 2021 edition includes revised and updated chapters on topics like retail markup, conversion charts for weights used in jewelry appraising from selected countries and ASA's gems & jewelry online resources project. It also includes new chapters on diamond laser inscriptions, lab grown diamonds, colored gemstones hue wheel/terms/tone/saturation scales, opals, major jewelry periods, metals, watches, USPAP, appraisal review and more.

This comprehensive handbook was updated to include current information and best practices in the appraisal profession. The Tenth Edition aims to continue the handbook's reputation as the authoritative resource for the appraisal of gems and jewelry assets.

The Tenth Edition is also available just as an PDF, which can be purchased at

It is also availabe just as a book, which can be purchased at .

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