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ASA, California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals Agree on CaCAP Member Transition Benefit

by Todd Paradis | Feb 10, 2020
ASA, in seeking to help the California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP) and their members during CaCAP’s winding down, is offering all CaCAP members a free six-month trial of Ally Membership with ASA. In providing this unprecedented benefit to CaCAP’s members, ASA wishes both to acknowledge the hard work and contributions of CaCAP’s leadership over many years, and to afford CaCAP’s members a place to call home going forward.

As Ally Members, CaCAP’s current members will be entitled to the ASA member rate on all ASA education; receive ASA’s monthly Valuer newsletter and be able to interact with ASA’s local chapters in California. These, among other benefits, will be free to all CaCAP members who apply online through ASA’s website,

ASA’s CEO, Johnnie White, offered his perspective on the agreement: “While we are saddened to see CaCAP wind down, I applaud CaCAP’s leaders for reaching out and working with us to come up with an innovative solution to ensuring that CaCAP members can still belong to an organization that values all real property appraisers and provides many of the same benefits they had enjoyed for so long with CaCAP. I hope that all of CaCAP’s members take ASA up on this opportunity.”

George St. Johns, president of CaCAP, added that this is a “win, win” opportunity from an industry leader! ASA is a cornerstone organization in the appraisal profession. ASA offers quality education and they stress ethics and integrity, the characteristics that CaCAP was built on. And ASA is also an active voice for the future of our appraisal profession. I urge all CaCAP members to sign up and experience the ASA Ally Membership.