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Coming Soon – The 10th Edition of the Jewelry Appraisal Handbook

by Jennifer Aguilar | Jul 23, 2020

The Gems and Jewelry discipline of the American Society of Appraisers has announced the upcoming release of the completely revised 10th edition of the Jewelry Appraisal Handbook.

This Handbook edition is approximately triple the number of pages of the previous edition. It includes 19 new entries among the 47 total. These include photo galleries on such topics as diamond laser inscriptions, analyzing jewelry manufacturing techniques, opals, and the major jewelry periods.

Two entries introduce essays to the Handbook for the first time, addressing the appraisal of wristwatches. There are new tables for converting weights of pearls and watch movements into grams and pennyweights.

It also features updates to existing entries about retail store markup data and GIA colored stone description scales, and improvements on nearly every page. The number of sections has grown from eight to fifteen to allow better organizing and integrating the Handbook user’s own additions if desired.

The 10th edition includes a comprehensive overview of laboratory-grown diamonds that will be important reading for all gemologist-appraisers and other retail store personnel who need all the basic facts about this issue at their fingertips.

“This new 10th JAH takes what Kirk Root started to a new level,” said Handbook editor Scott Gordon, GG, FGA, ASA, MGA.

The Handbook was begun by our late member Kirk Root and is dedicated to his memory. Proceeds benefit ASA’s Master Gemologist Appraiser® program and other programs of the Gems and Jewelry discipline, whose members become designated as Accredited Members or Accredited Senior Appraisers.

Pricing and the official date of the book launch will be available soon.