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New Look and Enhancements for ASA Valuer

by Jessica Wilhelmy | Apr 02, 2021

ASA’s monthly e-newsletter has been completely redesigned, making for a better reader experience.

The first issue featuring the new updates will be released starting with the April issue.

What’s changed:

  • New Quick Links have been added to the masthead for fast and easy internal document navigation.
  • Previous real estate for discipline masthead image has been replaced with new, more impactful lead news story image.
  • News column has been redesigned to spotlight new lead story and also better arrange secondary news.
  • Both new Quick Links and new redesigned news column are to be positioned “above the fold”, so that readers can quickly view the top content at a single glance in most e-mail software preview windows.
  • Classes column has also been redesigned to spotlight primary class to promote for the month, as well as better arrangement of secondary classes to promote.
  • Events column has been expanded to allot more real estate for more detailed content placement.
  • New color schemes will rotate each month, with selected pallets using trending web colors for 2021.


Here’s to the first launch as we continue to update our platforms and communications in our efforts to provide you with the best member experience. Enjoy your monthly profession and association news in a convenient, easy to navigate design.