Marketing to Attorneys—New Opportunities for Appraisers

November 29, 2021

The legal profession, like many others is dealing with the “great resignation” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are leaving their jobs and going to work for other places where there is more work life balance, creating a huge problem for law firms of every size. As a result the industry is being forced to innovate and turning to social media for solutions.

How can appraisers leverage this opportunity to network and build a new stream of referral sources? Learn more in this insightful podcast entitled, Social Media, Content Management & Networking, featured in The National Law Review with Stefanie Marrone, Founder and CEO of Stefanie Marrone Consulting/The Social Media Butterfly.

Key questions to consider: 

  • What solutions do law firms need now? 

  • Which social media platforms are best to reach lawyers? 

  • Which messaging strategy would be the most effective for appraisers to network with legal professionals or their firms?

Listen to the podcast here.

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