A New Type of Emerald from Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley

January 31, 2022

Since 2017, a new type of emerald from the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan, has entered the gem trade. This material is commonly of excellent quality and compares with the finest emeralds from Colombia, not only visually, but also with respect to inclusions, spectral features and chemical composition. As a result, some of these stones have entered the market as Colombian emeralds.

Join Michael S. Krzemnicki, Hao A. O. Wang and Susanne Büche as they review a recent study published in The Journal of Gemmology, that presents detailed microscopic, spectral and trace-element data for these recently produced Afghan emeralds and compares them to ‘classic’ emeralds from the Panjshir Valley and from Laghman Province in Afghanistan.

The 22-page study covers: location and geology; materials & methods; results; discussion; conclusions and references. As well as, close up photos; technical figures; and data tables.

Read the complete study here.

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