The Practice of Plant and Machinery Valuation in Nigeria

January 12, 2023

Plant and Machinery valuation is a complex practice which requires multi-disciplinary approach. It can make up to 80% of the total asset of a company hence very important to the company’s annual financial reporting.

This study examines the compliance of Estate Surveying and Valuation Firms to the practice of plant and machinery valuation in Ondo State. Data was collected from primary sources. 60 questionnaires were administered out of which 40 were retrieved from Practicing Estate Valuers: this response rate represents 67% of the total number of questionnaires administered.

Learn more about this topic by Oladejo Samuel Olugbemiga, Ijagbemi Christopher Oluwatade and Adediran Anthonia Oluwatosin as published in the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development and see on

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