ASA Partners with VREF Online to Offer a Valuation Software for Aircraft Appraisals

January 13, 2023

ASA announces the partnering with VREF, to offer their valuation software for aircraft appraisals. VREF offers appraisers comprehensive data on over 7,700 aircraft models ranging from experimental to wide-body commercial. VREF is the only aircraft valuation software that provides a comprehensive optional equipment list specific to each make and model, the ability to adjust for condition and maintenance, and the only searchable comprehensive avionics database. VREF is the only bluebook software managed by ASAs with substantial experience and knowledge in aviation and is trusted by all major aircraft lenders, manufacturers, and brokers.

Their cloud-based software provides current market value, historical aircraft values going back three decades, liquidation values (orderly and forced), residual value, wholesale, scrap, and more. Also provided is a powerful report wizard to create customized valuation reports, including photos, installed equipment, and condition.

VREF offers a 10% discount to the Pro Tier for ASA Members.

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