ASA Partners with Valutico to Offer Members A Business Valuation Software

March 2, 2023

ASA announces the partnering with Valutico. Valutico is helping finance professionals perform accurate and reliable valuations in minutes. Valutico is the go-to business valuation platform for finance professionals in more than 75 countries around the world.

Their program highlights include:

  • 3TB of leading market data and 1 million transactions available, providing fast access to every multiple you will need.
  • Perform valuations 5x faster while avoiding errors, with the streamlined easy-to-use interface.
  • Personalize your own reports, customizing them to fit your specific requirements, and then export to share with clients.
  • 50,000 peers available for comparable company analyses, allowing you to easily benchmark your company against peers.
  • 28 valuation method options available to choose between in a single click, providing you with a wide range of valuation methods to apply.

Valutico offers a 15% subscription discount to ASA Members subscribing for 12 months plus an additional discount for multi-year subscriptions. For more information and to sign up, visit: and claim your free demo today!



Started by a team of enthusiastic financial professionals, software engineers and data scientists, the concept for Valutico as a tech enabled valuation platform was born out of frustration with the state of work in the many industries where valuations are an important matter.

Today, Valutico empowers their clients around the world by enhancing their client’s analysis and operations whilst simplifying their processes through the use of the Valutico platform.

For more information about Valutico visit: