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The ASA Educational Foundation 2023 Virtual Auction Recap & Call-Out for Contributions!

October 24, 2023

The ASA Educational Foundation successfully concluded its 2023 Virtual Auction this past month. Held September 1 through October 3, the popular tradition was held in conjunction with the 2023 ASA International Conference.

The annual auction and your cash contributions, replenish the Foundationsfunds to give course-taking grants to needs-basis up-and-coming appraisers and grants to develop appraisal books.

Last year, ASAEF gave $13,212 in grants for seven (7) POV courses in PP, GJ and BV disciplines, and funded the development of ASA’s POV required textbooks for (BV, 6th Ed) and (PP, 1st Ed), and The Lawyers Book (1st Ed), which promote our profession and may increase ASA’s membership headcount.  

Auction items included networking and connecting events, eat+drink+sing consumables, wearables+gems+silver, and valuation textbooks & software.

This year’s auction, along with cash donations received, raised over $9,000.

A special thanks to the ASAEF Board of Directors and organizer Carol Akers Klug, ASA for their support, to those who bid, and to the following donors:

ASA Headquarters, ASA Boston Chapter, $$ ASA Detroit Chapter, $$$ ASA Houston Energy Valuation Conference, ASA Houston Chapter, ASA Hudson Valley New York Chapter, ASA New Mexico Chapter, ASA NorCal Chapter, $$$$ ASA Philadelphia Chapter, $ ASA Phoenix Chapter, ASA Portland Chapter, ASA San Diego Chapter, ASA New Orleans Chapter, Jay E. Fishman FASA, Andrew Pike ASA, AN Valuations, $$ Analee McClellan ASA, Borrowman Baker LLC, Curtis Kimball ASA, Dennis A. Webb ASA, $$$ Douglas Krieser FASA, $$$ G. Adrian Gonzalez Jr. ASA, Gary Trugman FASA, Mona Miller FASA, Garrett Schwartz ASA, $$ J. Mark Penny FASA, Joel Forman ASA, John Borrowman, $ John Cento ASA, John Henley ASA, Kenneth J. Pia Jr ASA, Kuali Foundation Hawaii, Lynn Hightower ASA, J. Mark Penny FASA, $$ Sandie Tropper FASA – In Memory of Edie Yeomans FASA, Nene Glenn Gianfala ASA, $ Peter Held ASA, Ronald L. Seigneur ASA, Roger J. Grabowski FASA, Susan Golashovsky FASA, Sarah von Helfenstein on behalf of BVRP, Sharon Smith Theobald ASA, and $ Vicki Lant ASA.

We encourage all ASAs to give back (even $50 helps) to support needs-based aspiring appraisers and develop appraisal books. Your cash donations are meaningful and welcome anytime online at

Learn more about the impact of ASA’s Educational Foundation. View three testimonials from grant recipients and the difference ASAEF has made in their personal and professional lives.

ASA Educational Foundation

ASA’s Educational Foundation (ASAEF) is a separate, nonprofit corporation established by ASA and chartered in 1967. The mission of the ASAEF is to carry on educational, research and charitable activities related to the advancement of the appraisal profession. The ASA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity enabling tax-deductible CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS for individuals. A tax letter for the FMV of your contribution will be provided.  Significant contributions include needs-based grants for appraisal courses, and to develop appraisal books.