What’s to Love about ASA?

January 26, 2021

Top 5 reasons members love the Society. 

Valentine’s Day is the one ceremonial time of the year to profess and share your love with someone you care about. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 reasons members love best about ASA, as indicated in a past organization wide survey. 

#5: Networking 

Members love the many networking opportunities ASA provides. Whether its participating in an organized group event, like at ASA’s International Conference or a local chapter function, using the Society’s Find an Appraiser online search tool to proactively reach out to other members or using the ASA Job Bank, ASA makes it easy to advance one’s career or receive client referrals. 

#4: Representation 

Members also love ASA’s dedication to protecting their livelihood through advocacy, like current efforts to end abusive conservation easement transactions and the push to support S.4751. Ensuring members have a voice in legislative and government affairs through the active and ongoing education and lobbying of lawmakers is a fundamental member benefit. ASA understands and has been doing this longer than any other valuation professional organization. 

#3: Professionalism 

ASA’s commitment to excellence though the highest standards, ethics and conduct is very important to members. As one of the Society’s primary objectives, ASA is continually working to ensure best practices, ethical conduct and professionalism on the part of its members and the greater ASA community. This also includes stepping up and taking a leadership role when societal issues intersect the profession, as with the development of COVID-19 pandemic resources, enactment of new non-discrimination policies and unconscious bias training

#2: Education 

ASA’s renowned education is globally recognized as the best of the best. Members continually indicate this as one of their top reasons for joining due to the depth of knowledge, proficiency, practically, specialty content and expert instructors offered by the Society’s NationalLocal Chapter and eLearning classes. 

#1: Recognition 

Being part of a globally recognized professional organization is the most important reason members love and choose ASA. Credibility, respect, peer acceptance and customer reliance were top explanations why. It’s also the reason more and more courts, banks, lending institutions, insurance carriers, estate attorneys, CPAs and others are recommending and hiring credentialed members with confidence. 

Although there are many reasons why members love ASA these top 5 showcase the best. Be sure to share your love of ASA this Valentine’s Day. Tell a staff member, colleague, student mentee, referral source or customer why membership matters and why they should become or hire a member”!