A Message from the CEO

January 29, 2021

ASA’s CEO letter to members and friends

We are one month into the year and I’ve continued to stay busy making appearances and issuing statements regarding the future of our profession.

In December I provided a CEO update entitled “Moving Forward Despite Pandemic” that was published in the ASA M&TS Journal, Volume 36, Issue 2, 3rd Quarter 2020. The past seven months have been a whirlwind of change as the world has moved to contend with the global COVID-19 pandemic. During this time businesses and sole proprietors have overcome many challenges, including: ever-changing health and safety guidelines, travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, technology obstacles and a variety of profession-related issues, like: inspections, report disclaimers, business disruption insurance, etc. In the article, I shared a brief look at what experts see coming in the next year.

Additionally, I took to social media to spotlight the current pandemic’s devastation of associations and how such are locked out of essential relief, and petitions congressional leadership to include nonprofit associations and other 501c^ organizations in the PPP. You can donate to the COVID Fund, an effort to support the families of ASA member appraisers who have died from COVID-19.

In continuing our diversity and inclusion efforts, I coordinated the joint ASA, AI, ASFMRA, MBREA and NSREA Unconscious Bias Virtual Session for the Appraisal Profession on January 13. Over 3,000 registered. Recording and handouts are available online for complementary download. 

To a similar effect, I issued comments on ASA's efforts to combat unconscious bias in the residential real estate appraisal profession in an article in the Washington Post. 
“Any effort to uncover whether and to what extent aspects of the appraisal process may contribute to disparate impacts on minority communities must also include lenders, guarantors and secondary market participants as well, this is an issue that all contributors to the process must address.”

In case you missed the announcement, on 11/10 Woody Fincham, ASA, a residential real property appraiser from Palmyra, VA was the winning bidder of the ASA Educational Foundation first ever virtual auction for a private dinner with me at the Gordon Ramsay Burger during the International Conference at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, October 24-26, 2021. Education is everlasting. To donate to ASA’s Educational Foundation fund click here.

To read other important news visit my Message from the CEO column on ASA’s Blog, or follow me on Twitter @johnniewhiteCEO and LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnnniewhiteceo for more ASA updates.