Sharing Is Caring

February 19, 2021

How to Share Information Online and Why It’s Essential in Business

Everything has gone digital. In today’s society, sharing important news is more efficient than ever. In fact, it’s only a click away.

What originated as a way to interact with friends and family, social media then took the world by storm when it was later adopted by businesses and professionals who wanted to take advantage of a popular new communication method to reach and network with other industry leaders.

With e-mail being one of the top communication tools used in business today, let’s start there.

What does it mean, ‘to share an e-mail’?

‘Sharing’ an e-mail means you are digitally copying the e-mail you received, and sending (sharing) it to someone in your social or professional network, instantaneously online. Sharing an e-mail allows you to easily forward information you get to those even outside of your e-mail contact list.

Where can I share an e-mail?

There are several platforms in which you can share information to, and we’ll cover a few of the major ones.

Twitter has a large user count and filled with practical tips, breaking news, and networking opportunities. It allows you to ‘follow’ and interact other experts in your field and they can also ‘follow’ you; Facebook, which also has a large user count, is great for viewing and sharing information through industry-related groups, and ‘liking’ and ‘following’ companies’ business pages and events; and Linkedin, most known for being the professional networking platform, is where you can ‘follow’ different businesses and professionals in your industry and share business, professional, and education news yourself.
Being active in any or all of these platforms demonstrates credibility in your industry and provide a platform that highlights your achievements.

Suppose you receive an e-mail for an interesting ASA webinar that your peers would appreciate, or a POV course that college students and junior staff are required to take; or maybe you receive an e-mail or open our monthly newsletter containing important industry news or hot trends that you found interesting; share it directly onto one of your social networks– right from the e-mail itself!

*Not only are you promoting the class, but you are promoting ASA and its brand, your industry, as well as yourself as an industry resource using today’s top social and business networks.

Why is sharing e-mails so important?

Sharing information is what expands our network and building relationships, what binds us to others. Sharing information is a major way to build up a brand, and e-mail and social media are currently two of the most-used forms of communication.

Here are the top reasons why as a professional, sharing e-mails is crucial in today’s society:

  • Building your own brand as a professional individual. The more pertinent the information you share is, and the frequency you share industrial information, the more others will see you as a reliable, if not vital, resource in the industry.

  • Building the brand of ASA. Sharing ASA’s educational offerings or industry news helps solidify our place as the most preeminent association for appraisers. It’s imperative that ASA stays in front of this new world in this digital age.

  • Building the brand of your industry. With the younger generation entering the work force in such a technology-reliant environment, using the ‘sharing tools’ for these new-aged platforms is crucial in order to ensure the next generation not only knows the value and relevance of your industry, but has the information and education to ensure its ethics, values, and best practices are passed on, and shared on platforms they use to see.

Have you ever attended a conference and met some great people, and then later came across some information you thought they might appreciate? Share it!

Not only will you reach those you’ve met and already connected with, but you could also potentially reach their entire network as well. Thus, reaching a whole new network of people alike, to promote yourself and ASA to. The domino effect continues, widening and growing both your and ASA’s brand, while proving your industry’s relevance to the world.

How do I share an e-mail?

There are 2 simple ways to share an e-mail from ASA. At the top of ASA’s e-mails, you will see 4 social media icons under the View/Share Online link.

  1. By clicking on one of the 4 icons, it will direct you to the respective social platform, with the e-mail link already added to your post. It will look something like this (example for Linkedin):

This screen allows you to share the e-mail via a ‘social post’, and choose if you’d like it to be visible to others, or if you’d rather share the e-mail as a private message, which is similar to an e-mail or text message.

(Once you post it, the digital copy of the e-mail can be viewed by clicking on the light blue, highlighted link towards the top of the screenshot)

Click on the option to choose if this is for the public or private eyes, and that’s it, you did it! You successfully gave your online presence a boost!

  1. Another way is by clicking on the View/Share Online link, which opens up a new page that looks like this:

If you copy and paste the URL (shown highlighted) into an e-mail or onto a website, or use this technique to share it on social media, you are sharing a digital copy of that e-mail as shown on the right via an online link.

The power of social media is its ability to connect people from across the world; start bridging the gap by sharing ASA e-mails across social networks, while promoting yourself at the same time!