ASA’s First Ever 2021 ASA Complex Securities Conference Spotlight

March 31, 2021
 <em>Conference Chair, Dwight Grant</em>[/caption]

In light of ASA’s upcoming virtual 2021 ASA Complex Securities Conference on 5/20, we interviewed one of our conference chairs, P.J. Patel, ASA. This first ever ASA event is filled with session content representing leading edge topics selected for their importance to professionals that perform complex securities valuations.

ASA sat down with Conference Chair P.J. Patel, ASA for a Q&A to discuss this debut event.

Q: What will this event cover?

A: SPACs, contingent consideration, determining the appropriate volatility and other issues related the valuation of complex securities.

Q: Who should attend?

A: Valuation specialists, auditors, regulators, accounting and finance executives, especially at early stage companies.

Q: What are the drivers or needs behind this event?

A: More and more valuations involve the use of complex mathematical models.  In this event the speakers will share best practices and approaches they use when asked to value securities of this type.

Q: What will be the benefits of attending?

A: Getting ideas and earning best practices from industry experts that are often providing guidance on best practices.

Special thank you to our sponsors, and Conference Chairs P.J. Patel and Dwight Grant.

To register or to learn more about the 2021 ASA Complex Securities Conference, visit or call (800) 272-8258.