Member Spotlight: Elisha Ralph Morgan, ASA, MGA®

July 21, 2022
 Elisha Ralph Morgan, Certified Gemological A.G. A Laboratory #53 at Morgan Gemological Services[/caption]
In 2017, ASA awarded Elisha Ralph Morgan, G. G., M.G.A.®, A.S.A. the Master Gemologist Appraiser® (MGA®) Certificate. There are less than 50 MGA®s worldwide and it’s referred to as the ‘Gold Standard’ of designations. Morgan has been in the industry for over 30 years and specializes in rare pearls, rubies, jades, sapphires, and emeralds. Though Morgan’s career path didn’t start with gems and jewelry exploration, his journey did require the same attention to detail, determination, and work ethic. Morgan enlisted in the Navy when he was 17. The following year he graduated from BUD/S, Class 66 and was assigned to SEAL Team 1 for the next 3 years. He then enrolled in the Brooks Institute of Photography and pursued various freelance journalist and carpenter work, before reenlisting in the Navy in 1984. He graduated from BUD/S, Class 129, and was assigned to SEAL Team 4. Though he still attends Naval events and fundraisers, Morgan retired after 3 years and started a landscape business; where one of his clients, who was a retired jeweler, told Morgan that he would make a good gemologist due to his great determination and attention to detail. This inspired the beginning of his second career as a gem-hunter, appraiser. Morgan attended the Gemological Institute of America’s GIA Residence Gemological Identification seminar, grading 60 gemstones a day for gemology students around the world. After graduating GIA’s residence program with honors, Morgan found a particular niche that was needing to be filled – assessing the real values of many antique items of jewelry. He then became a gemologist who, over the years, traveled to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Central America, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia, and Venezuela searching for precious gems for “cutters”, investors, mining operations staff, and other various client types. Morgan has extensive experience analyzing colored gemstones, diamonds, fancy color diamonds, natural pearls, jade, and rare collectible gems. In addition to being a member of ASA, Morgan is an active member of several other associations, most notably including the Accredited Gemologists Association of America. To learn more about ASA’s Master Gemologist Appraiser® Certification, click here. Contact Elisha Ralph Morgan by emailing:  For more information about ASA or the Society's FREE "Find an Appraiser" on-line search tool, visit or call (800) 272-8258.