Member Spotlight: Ran Greenberg, ASA

July 25, 2022

Ran Greenberg, ASA, CEO of GMT - Greenberg Machine Tools Ltd was spotlighted in Israel’s second size economic site, The Marker, this past month to talk about the advances of Israel’s appraisal profession.

Ran has over 25 years of experience in equipment valuation. He is the one of the first ASA accredited senior appraisers in Israel, and is on the list of Bank Hapoalim's equipment appraisers and court experts.

In this interview with The Marker, Ran discusses the proper methodology of valuing assets and the training he has undergone to do so. He also goes on to discuss the lack of current valuation regulations in Israel and how efforts are being taken to promote transparency and professionalism in Israel.

To learn more about Ran and the developing Israel appraisal profession, click here.