Important ASA Reminder - If It Smells Fishy, It Probably is

October 6, 2023

Don’t be a victim - stay vigilant against phishing attempts.

Hackers use fraudulent practices to spoof people into giving up their data. The most common technique is e-mail phishing. Hackers send messages that appear legitimate or look like they're from someone you trust so that you engage with the message or click on malicious attachments. Recently an e-mail was sent to ASA members that looked like it was from our International President, which wasn't the case, it was a phishing e-mail.

If something seems fishy…it's probably phishing. Here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid falling victim:

  • Double-check that the sender's e-mail address matches who they claim to be.
  • Don't click a link or download from someone you don't know or weren't expecting.
  • Don't reply to a suspicious e-mail or message from an e-mail you don't recognize.
  • Inform ASA of potential attempts at