CEIV™ Education

BV401 - Valuation for Financial Reporting

This course was designed for professionals who provide fair value measurements for SEC-registered, U.S. publicly traded companies for financial reporting purposes and is required for those pursuing the Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuations™ (CEIV™) certification.

Course Description

BV401 is intended to provide appraisers that currently (or those who would like to in the future) perform valuations for financial reporting for U.S. public companies with the additional technical expertise in valuation and other areas required to perform these valuations. Completion of the course and passing both parts of the related exam is one of several requirements to obtain the (CEIV™) certification. 

Topics covered in BV401 include:

  • Fair Value Accounting and Regulatory Environment
  • Technical Guidance Related to Valuations for Financial Reporting
  • Use of the Valuation Report in the Audit Process
  • Mandatory Performance Framework

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