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Steve Dean, ASA



Contact Information:
1 Veterans Way
Suite 200
Carnegie, PA 15106
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1 (412) 2208920 xX206

Appraiser Profile:

Steve Dean, ASA, P.E., has over thirty years of valuation, engineering, and management experience in the power and energy sectors. Mr. Dean has advised clients on investment in and the operation of electric generation and transmission assets. Under his direct supervision, DAI Management Consultants, Inc. has acquired and managed the turnaround of several distressed assets including gas turbine power plants, an enhanced oil recovery field, and a hydroelectric project. His appraisal expertise has been retained for a variety of acquisition, divestiture, and financing activities and has involved virtually every major technology, including renewable power (wind, solar, geothermal, hydro), nuclear, coal, and gas turbine.


With over 20 years of experience, DAI specializes in valuation and risk management services for the power and energy industries. We provide a comprehensive, analytical package addressing the technical, regulatory, and economic issues that directly affect a project’s value. The institutional investment community has come to depend upon DAI for appraisals, market studies, and forecasts of energy and renewable energy credit (REC) prices.

DAI meets the current challenges of clients who are financing, developing, acquiring, and/or divesting power assets. We have supported our clients with appraisal and market consultant services for a diverse mix of power generating facilities fueled by coal, natural gas, and renewable resources, such as wind and solar. At DAI, our experts understand both the market uncertainties and technical risks involved, offering our clients valuable and cost-effective insight. 

The hallmark of DAI’s services is our integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to providing senior management teams with probabilistic information necessary to make profitable decisions. Our quantitative risk analysis methodology has a variety of applications, ranging from the structuring of project financing to portfolio-level integration with risk management tools used by financial institutions. DAI’s analytical approach also identifies strategic opportunities arising from capturing the value of future opportunities.


Our professional staff of financial analysts and engineers provides the complete range of services needed to support complex investment decisions:

           Appraisal & Valuation – valuation services for lease, structured financing, recognition of an asset apart from goodwill, ad valorem tax, and/or tax credit purposes.

           Decision Analysis – application of advanced quantitative techniques and computational tools, calibrated to market prices for fuel and electricity, used to provide decision makers with statistical information about project performance.

           Engineering Support – technical services to provide an independent evaluation of capital investments, transmission system adequacy/efficiency, and/or support cash flow assumptions.