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Joel D. Gonia, ASA, ARM-MTS



Contact Information:
2810 Rosewood Road
Louisville, KY 40031
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1 (502) 2350727

Appraiser Profile:

Joel is one of the few professional appraisers to spend his entire career within the valuation industry – 28 years and counting!  His expertise as a “generalist” appraiser within the Machinery & Equipment field began with a contract with the US Small Business Administration providing equipment appraisals to update their portfolio – Over 600 loans on all types of assets!!  Over the years he has gained considerable knowledge regarding numerous types of equipment and established a solid reputation for providing straight-forward “real world” values.


Joel has continued to work closely with commercial lenders and professional service providers for middle market firms.  He also provides consulting services for tax appeal and other litigation purposes.  Joel received his initial professional credentials from the American Society of Appraisers in 1989, as an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) within the discipline of Machinery / Technical Specialties, with emphasis in Industrial and Commercial Machinery & Equipment.  Additionally,  ALL of Joel’s work product has complied with USPAP regulations since its inception in 1991.  Joel will soon earn the professional accreditation ARM for Appraisal Review & Management. 


Mr. Gonia also conducts various seminars regularly for the accounting, lending and legal professions and is a contributing author to the American Society of Appraisers and the KY Bar Association.


As the Senior Review Appraiser, Mr. Gonia assumes overall responsibility for all work performed by the firm and its associate appraisers, including value accuracy and consistency, USPAP compliance, internal policies and procedures, and continuing education.

KATS M & E, LLC is a professional multi – disciplinary valuation firm based out of Nicholasville, Kentucky providing Valuation, Consulting and Appraisal Review services.  The firm specializes in middle market Industrial and Commercial assets, including all types / classifications of real and personal property – We are a general valuation firm, vs. one with a specific specialty within a particular industry. 


Please note the following:


  • All appraisals signed and certified USPAP compliant by Joel D. Gonia, ASA
  • 28 year career appraiser, specific valuation discipline of Machinery / Technical Specialties – Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • In excess of $1 Billion in appraised value annually