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Michael A. Gregory, ASA



Contact Information:
1945 Sharondale Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55113
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1 (651) 633-5311

Appraiser Profile:

Michael A. Gregory, Chief Manager at Michael Gregory Consulting LLC, specializes in risk management and alternative dispute resolution.  Risk management focus on addressing risk before the Internal Revenue Service associated with business valuation, engineering issues, and transfer pricing functional analysis issues.  Alternative dispute resolution primarily focuses on mediation (parties self determine the results), but also includes various other forms including arbitration.  With 28 years of service at the Internal Revenue Service through July 2011 retiring as the Engineering and Valuation Territory Manager with responsibility for up to 23 states Michael has a wealth of experience working with all of the major divisions of the IRS.   Michael is Cerified Valuation Analyst with NACVA, an  Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers, and a Qualified Neutral with the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Michael Gregory Consulting LLC has reviewed scores of expert witness reports providing value added comments to assist the expert before theIRS and the U.S. Tax Court, critiqued opposing counsel appraisals, offered assistance and advice relative to testimony considering the specific judges and mediated disputes between parties.  More information can be obtained at   Michael is the author of  "How to Work with the IRS, Strategies for Attorneys, Accountants and Appraisers" (June 2012), "Business Appraisals and the IRS" (May 2013), and "Valuing Interests in S- Corps" (July 2013).  Michael can be reached directly at 


1945 Sharondale Ave.

Roseville, MN 55113