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Edward G. Detwiler, ASA



Contact Information:
756 Oak Hill Road
Lake Barrington, IL 60010
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1 (847) 921-9885

Appraiser Profile:

I am an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers, with that accreditation being awarded in the discipline of Machinery and Technical Specialties, Machinery and Equipment. My background is in high-technology scientific and medical equipment and I have had extensive experience with a wide variety of assignments involving many different kinds of medical, industrial and commercial equipment. I perform many appraisals for transfers of ownership, mergers, acquisitions, divorces and financing. The definitions included below should help clarify terminology to be encountered in this assignment.

Our firm works with high-value, high-technology product users on issues such as mergers, acquisitions, fair market value lease originations and buyouts, litigation, financing and more. In addition to product appraisals, we also perform practice valuations, particularly in the diagnostic imaging market. Our market niche is in the application of expert appraisal techniques and extensive experience in high-technology scientific, laboratory and medical equipment and practices for a wide range of needs. My personal background includes over thirty five years of experience in the medical equipment industry, including engineering, sales, product management, and general management responsibilities. Other associates on staff specialize in research, finance and economics.

Our work includes projects as small as a single asset or physician practice and as large as entire hospitals and public company mergers. We provide these services throughout the United States, usually on a negotiated fee basis. We frequently work with other appraisers, including real estate, personal property and business appraisers and with technical assistants to bring the necessary talents and capabilities to our assignments.