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Eric Nath, ASA



Contact Information:
2682 18th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116
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1 (415) 445-3031

Appraiser Profile:
Business valuation, business, value, estate, gift, 409A, litigation, litigation support, minority interest, partial interest, fractional interest, Fractional, partial, minority, control, lack of control, shareholder planning, mergers and acquisitions, mergers, merger, acquisition, dispute resolution, winery, vineyard, wine, real estate holding company, real estate, fair value, stock, options, stock options, fairness opinions, fairness, buy-sell transaction, buy-sell

What qualities should you seek in a business valuation?
•    Objectivity
•    Integrity
•    Credibility
•    Thoroughness   
•    Insightful Analysis
•    Top Credentials & Track Record
•    Excellence at a Reasonable Price
•    Timely Completion

These are the qualities that exemplify our work. Eric Nath & Associates, LLC specializes in assisting business owners and their advisers with creating value, resolving conflicts, executing more intelligent transactions, and minimizing taxes. We are well known for our fractional and minority interest valuations, particularly as it pertains to the estate and gift tax arena. In recent years Eric Nath has developed a reputation as a highly competent, qualified, and objective valuation expert in litigation and other disputed matters.

Eric W. Nath has been valuing public and private companies since 1985. He has valued over 600 companies, with sales up to $1.0 billion that are collectively worth more than $10.0 billion. He started his own practice in 1991 and incorporated Eric Nath & Associates (ENA) as a limited liability company in 2002.

Prior to forming ENA, Mr. Nath directed the valuation team in the Mergers and Acquisitions Group of Bank of America's Capital Markets Division. He began his valuation career in the trust departments of Bank of America and Wells Fargo where he gained experience valuing and selling private partnership and corporate interests.

After being awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of Washington (1976), Mr. Nath returned to UW to earn his Masters of Business Administration in Finance and International Business (1983). He also holds a certificate in Mediation from the University of California at Berkeley (2008).

In 1992 Mr. Nath was awarded the designation "Accredited Senior Appraiser" in business valuation by the American Society of Appraisers, and continues in good standing with the Society. Eric has served as President of the San Francisco Chapter, as a member of ASA's Business Valuation Committee, and is currently an actively contributing member of the Business Valuation Standards Subcommittee. He was the principal author of ASA "PG-2, Valuing Partial Ownership Interests," and developed and taught ASA's graduate-level course, "Business Valuation Discounts and Premiums".

Mr. Nath has been a member of the Business Valuation Roundtable of San Francisco since 1992 and has served on its Board of Directors and as its President.

Mr. Nath has published several seminal articles and has made numerous presentations on business valuation, control premiums and minority interest valuation issues.

Mr. Nath has qualified and testified as an expert witness in the Superior Courts of San Francisco, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties.

Mr. Nath has served as a jointly appointed Arbitrator for valuation disputes and as a Referee for the San Francisco Superior Court in a real estate partition matter.