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John V. Henley, ASA



Contact Information:
4715 NE 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97211-4635
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1 (503) 351-0809

Appraiser Profile:


Bookselling/Ephemera Sales Experience:

o 1972-1976 – Portland State University Bookstore, Portland, Oregon; returns department, assistant buyer, textbooks.
o 1977-1990 – Powell’s Bookstore, main store in downtown Portland Assistant Manager,  New Book Buyer; Supervisor, Rare Books Department; Supervisor, Used Books Department.
o 1990-2008 - Great Northwest Bookstore Manager, Personnel Manager, book-keeping and accounting, buyer for new, used and rare books, manuscripts, archives, documents, autographs, photographs, in charge of pricing, cataloging – issuing over 50 catalogues
o 2010 - Associate, Arthur W. Erickson Fine Arts, Native Americana
o 2009 - Owner, John V. Henley Appraisals

Relevant Experience Related Bookselling and Appraisal Professions
o 1988 – 2001 Trustee on the Board of Literary Arts, a non-profit organization promoting Oregon writers and publishers
o 2002 -   present  - Adjunct Professor, Portland State University’s Graduate Publishing  Program
o Senior Appraiser Designation, American Society of Appraisers, 2013