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Welcome to ASA's International Virtual Chapter

Membership in the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) provides a worldwide professional affiliation of appraisers of all disciplines. While a primary objective of ASA is to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among its members, its increasingly geographically dispersed membership calls for new ways to interact.

The interconnectivity of today’s global knowledge economy has allowed appraisers to pursue their profession from anywhere, leading to wider geographical distances between members and leaving many outside the mileage limit of a geographic chapter. At the same time, there is a rapidly growing interest in establishing strong professional appraisal education, credentialing and communities in countries throughout the world that do not yet have the critical mass to form a geographical chapter.

In response, ASA has established a Virtual Chapter (“VC”) for members located outside the mileage limit of a geographic chapter (120 miles). The VC’s mission is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, learning and professional networking to its members, as well as to support membership growth. Like a geographic chapter, the membership will help determine its direction. Chapter members will have the opportunity to elect officers, participate in committees and share ideas through speaking opportunities, collaborative sub-groups and other formats. The ASA headquarters staff and Regional Governors will assist in providing the infrastructure and initial leadership needed to launch and operate the VC. The Regional Governors will serve as the initial Chapter Officers, to be followed by officer elections when the chapter is operational.

Virtual Chapter Officers


Membership in the VC is open to all ASA members in good standing. For those who currently reside within the mileage limit (120 mile proximity) of a geographic chapter, you may join the VC in addition to your current geographic chapter (in other words, you must maintain your geographic chapter membership and add the VC as a second chapter membership). For those who reside outside of the mileage limit and belong to a geographic chapter that has been closed, you may join the virtual chapter and are not required to also maintain a geographic chapter membership.


If you have any questions regarding ASA's Virtual Chapter please contact Susan Houchins, ASA headquarters liaison at