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About Business Valuation

Business valuation professionals provide independent, unbiased opinions of value for business concerns of multiple natures and sizes. They also value intangible business assets such as copyrights, employment agreements, trademarks, securities and goodwill. These professional appraisers prepare merger and acquisition studies, employee stock ownership plan feasibility analyses and other similar financial studies. They may be involved in appraisals performed for estate and gift tax returns, buy-sell agreements, securities litigation, equitable distribution in matrimonial matters and many other purposes.

ASA’s Business Valuation professionals have demonstrated they are “best in class” in business valuation and intangible asset valuation not only in North America, but also throughout the world. Established in 1981 within the 75 year-old American Society of Appraisers, the mission of ASA’s business valuation group is to provide educational opportunities, promote professional ethics and standards and encourage the exchange of professional information and ideas. As the longest established business valuation certification, ASA leads the industry.

An early objective of ASA's Business Valuation group was to develop a superior educational program for the benefit of ASA members and nonmembers. ASA's education courses, conferences and publications link you directly to the expertise of the authorities in this field. The education requirements for ASA's two designations are the most rigorous in the profession: 108 classroom hours, including four, three-hour exams (one exam after each course).

In addition to extensive education, ASAs must back up their credentials with real-world business valuation experience. ASA candidates must demonstrate a minimum of five years of actual, full-time BV experience before they qualify for consideration for the designation – the highest experience requirement in the industry.

Candidates for the credential not only undertake painstaking education and testing, but also are required to pass a test on the internationally revered USPAP appraisal standards, and submit an actual USPAP-compliant report for peer review. The ASA business valuation credential is the only professional accreditation that complies with USPAP, and the only credential with the Intangible Asset specialty designation. ASA's combination of education, reputation, experience and expertise provide you with results you can trust.