Machinery & Technical Specialties

Machinery & Technical Specialties (MTS)

Machinery & Technical Specialty (MTS) appraisers include those who perform market or liquidation valuations for various purposes such as sale, acquisition, ad valorem tax, eminent domain, collateralization, insurance or residual forecasting. The MTS appraisal discipline is comprised of several specialties to include the appraisal of equipment and machinery, aircraft, marine assets, oil and gas, mines/quarries, public utilities and other fixed assets. 

douglas-krieser-asa“Becoming an accredited equipment appraiser has opened doors for me with a variety of clients including, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. They recognize the work required to become an ASA appraiser and value that effort.”

Douglas R. Krieser, ASA
ASA Past President

MTS Announcements

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  • Search for an MTS Appraiser—Search for an ASA Accredited Machinery & Technical Specialties Appraiser.
  • Industry Leading Education—Begin or continue your professional development with ASAʼs line up of educational offerings and events.
  • Valuing Machinery and Equipment, 4th Edition—Updated in 2020, this publication is the authoritative textbook on the theory and methodology of appraising machinery, equipment, and technical assets. 
  • Machinery & Technical Specialties Journal—Review the highly acclaimed MTS Journal written by the most prominent Machinery & Technical Specialties professionals in the world.
  • Aircraft Valuation Program—ASAʼs Aircraft Valuation Program leads participants toward a designation in Aircraft Valuation through the completion of our four aircraft-specific Principles of Valuation courses (ME201ACS-ME204ACS).