Going Concern (GC) Education

ASA's Going Concern Education Program is comprised of two (2) courses:

RP401 - Allocating Components in Going Concerns Appraisals and
RP400 - Going Concerns Appraisals Case Studies Appraisals

The courses were developed in response to requirements impacting SBA-backed business loans and moves by financial institutions, both of which have provided new opportunities for ASA-designated appraisers who specialize in Going Concern Appraisals.

ASA offers the profession's only specialty designation in Going Concern Valuation.  Appraisers who have already earned their Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation in Real Property may complete the two (2) GC courses and apply for a specialty designation in Going Concern Valuation.   This specialty is designed for those appraisers who value complex commercial real estate with a business component, such as car washes, fueling stations/c-stores and lodging properties on a regular basis. Appraisers in this specialty have the knowledge and understanding of when (and when not) to properly allocate/segregate the value components as required by lending institutions, and the ability to analyze their effect on value as required by USPAP.

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