About ASA

ASA is a multi-discipline, non-profit, international organization of professional appraisers representing all appraisal disciplines: Appraisal Review & Management, Business Valuation, Gems & Jewelry, Machinery & Technical Specialties, Personal Property and Real Property. Our mission is to foster the public trust of our members and the appraisal profession through compliance with the highest levels of ethical and professional standards. ASA:

  • Fosters professional excellence in its membership through education, accreditation, publication, and other services with an emphasis on professional ethics to protect the public;
  • Establishes and maintains principles of appraisal practice and a code of ethics for the guidance of our Members;
  • Provides valuation education to practicing appraisers and others;
  • Provides valuation education to practicing appraisers and others;
  • Awards professional designations to qualified Members;
  • Strives for universal recognition that Members are objective, unbiased appraisers and consultants of values;
  • Promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences among Members;
  • Seeks to attain recognition of the appraisal profession by both public and private enterprise;
  • Cultivates a community of interests amongst users of and members of the appraisal profession;
  • Promotes research and development in all fields of the appraisal profession; and
  • Helps the public and professionals find an ASA accredited appraiser