Member Renewal FAQs


ASA membership is anniversary based and your membership is to be renewed on an annual basis. ASA provides notice of dues renewal two months in advance of your due date.

Once you are logged in to ASA's website, navigate to MY MEMBERSHIP and click ‘Renew’. If you need a printed notice, navigate to MY INVOICES and print your invoice.  You may also call your Member Services team at 800-272-8258 to ask for a printed copy or to pay by phone.

Yes. ASA Bylaws require that chapter dues and assessments be paid to remain a member in good standing.

Yes, ASA offers a monthly installment plan at no additional fee.  When setting up an installment plan, members are required to provide a valid credit card and agree to monthly membership payments after the initial renewal period unless expressly opting-out.

ASA is pleased to offer a Retired Membership for designated members in good standing who have retired. 

Yes, we do offer Partial Retirement status to designated members, who have reached the age of 75 and been a Senior and/or Fellow member of ASA for at least 20 years. The member must affirm that they have reduced work production by at least 50% or more, from full time appraisal work. 

ASA offers a Sabbatical Status to those designated members who are not currently conducting appraisals, but expect to resume in the near future. Those eligible must have been a member for at least 5 years and sabbatical status is limited to no more than 2 years.

We will be pleased to have you back!  You can rejoin online up to 6 months after your expiration date. After that time, please contact Member Services team or call 800-272-8258.

Log in at and navigate to MY INVOICES tab and click ‘Search’.

ASA estimates that the nondeductible portion of international dues allocable to lobbying is 4.9%.

Learn about the benefits of membership here or give us a call, we’d be happy to review the benefits that are specific to you!

ASA membership is an annual fee that is paid in order to remain a current member of ASA. Designated members are required to reaccredit by submitting evidence of professional growth through continuing education and participation in professional activities every five years in order to maintain their designations.

Your dues cycle will remain the same unless you renew more than six months after your due date.

Yes, we provide discounts for members under the age of 25, full-time state or county government employees and full-time college or university professors employed by an accredited college or university. Additionally, we offer discounted rates to those members residing in a low-income or lower-middle-income country as defined by the World Bank (this discount is reserved for individuals employed by a company that maintains its headquarters in the same country and is not multinational).

BV WebPass is a webinar subscription service providing flexible webinar viewing options at a significant cost-savings off individual webinar pricing. The WebPass is an annual subscription that provides you with live BV webinars, access to the BV library of recorded webinars and access to all past BV conference recordings.

Yes.  Each of these are optional subscriptions and can be removed from your dues total.

During the online renewal process, you will have the ability to add these subscriptions to your membership renewal. If you would like to subscribe outside of your dues renewal, please see the following:

MTS Journal
BV Journal
BV Webpass

Or, reach out to Member Services or call 800-272-8258.

You may see a voluntary contribution on your dues invoice.  These funds are used for discipline course development. You may remove this amount from your dues notice if you prefer not to contribute.