About GJ

The value of diamonds and colored gemstones is based primarily on beauty, durability, and rarity. Throughout history, they have been regarded as the most highly concentrated form of wealth. Because subtle differences in their quality so often lead to dramatic differences in value, it requires both education in gemology and ongoing knowledge of current markets to appraise them accurately. The materials, techniques, and designs of the jewelry arts are matters for lifetime study. Members of ASA’s Gems and Jewelry discipline are among the most distinguished appraisers of these items in the world as none are more devoted to understanding them.

Gems and Jewelry (GJ) appraisers were part of the Personal Property (PP) discipline until 1993, when GJ became a separate discipline. In the late 1980’s, the Master Gemologist Appraiser® program was merged into ASA from the Accredited Gemologists Associations. Today it remains the most highly sought after certification mark in the gems and jewelry appraisal field and is the only program that regularly re-tests its members in both gemological and valuation expertise.