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The ARM E-Journal is a publication of the Appraisal Review & Management Discipline Committee of ASA.  A comprehensive redesign of the ARM E-Journal was completed in 2020.  Updates include a new, single publication PDF format, linked table of contents, stylized layout and design and search capabilities.  

This complimentary publication is a must read for appraisers, assessors, CPAs, bankers, attorneys, departments of governments and other users of appraisal services.  

Now Available - New Fall 2022

Featured articles include:

  • USPAP Requirements of Appraisal Review Practice (Part 2)
  • USPAP: Requirements for Clear, Accurate, and Conspicuous Disclosures
  • Redundancy in Appraisal Review Reports: Say Something Once, Why Say it Again?
  • Finding an MTS Appraiser for Business Valuation Assignments
  • Comparing China Appraisal Services to the Canadian Appraisal Industry

With other informative updates on:

  • ARM Committee News
  • ARM Education Offerings
  • ASA ARM News

As well as a special welcome and spotlight of new ARM members.


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