ASA Pressure Sensitive Seal

The ASA Pressure-Sensitive Seals are an elegant embellishment to appraisal reports, stationery or brochures. The 1.8125" diameter round gold foil seals are embossed with gold lettering and finished with a serrated edge.

$25/per 100 seals—Available to AMs, ASAs and FASAs only.

Condition StatementBy completing the purchase of this item, you are agreeing to the following: I understand that the use of this seal is limited to Accredited Members, Accredited Senior Appraisers and Fellows in good standing.

ASA Electronic Seal


Customize your reports electronically (customization previously available only with handheld embossers and stamp). ASAʼs logo—personalized with your name and designation—is now available in electronic format. Formerly available only as a handheld device, this variation is entirely electronic. For less money than its handheld counterpart, the electronic logo is as easy to use as inserting an electronic photo into a document. Personalize your appraisal reports with your name and professional designation (Accredited Member, Accredited Senior Appraiser, Master Gemologist Appraiser or Fellow) and show the world youʼre an accredited member of ASA.

Individuals ordering these items (via online, fax or mail) must sign and return the condition statement on the order form below as well as print your name in the spaces given as you would like it to appear on the seal.

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ASA Reaccreditation Certificate

This product is available to accredited ASA members in good standing only.

Order a paper copy of your reaccreditation certificate documenting your last successfully completed reaccreditation application.

$10.00 - Available to AMs, ASAs and FASAs only

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