The “national” course refers to USPAP courses taught for certification of real property appraisers and focuses on examples from real property appraisal practice.  The PP USPAP course refers to USPAP courses that are taught for PP, GJ, and MTS appraisers and focuses on examples from personal property appraisals.  The BV USPAP course refers to the USPAP courses that are taught for BV appraisers and focuses on examples from business valuation appraisals.  

No.  RP appraisers must take the National USPAP courses.  PP/GJ/MTS appraisers must take the PP USPAP courses.  BV appraisers must take the BV 15 Hour USPAP course (but may take any 7-hour USPAP course) and ARM appraisers may take any USPAP course.

Members of organizations that are “sponsors” of The Appraisal Foundation (like ASA) must require their members to comply with and be current with USPAP.  This includes all members of ASA, regardless of membership level.  There are two exceptions to this requirement:

  1. Members that do not conduct any appraisal work within North America, are required to comply with the International Valuation Standards (IVS) or a comparable set of appraisal standards which may be specific to their country. 
  2. For RP and BV members that conduct appraisal work within Canada, ASA will accept CUSPAP instead of USPAP.

The first time an appraiser takes a USPAP course, they must take the 15-Hour Course and pass the examination. To maintain their USPAP continuing education requirements, appraisers can take either the 7-Hour Update Course or the 15-Hour Course. If an appraiser chooses the 15-Hour Course, they must also take and pass the examination that is part of the course to receive credit. There is no examination for the 7-Hour Update Course.

The obvious difference is the length of the courses and in most cases, the fees (which are lower for the shorter course). The 7-Hour Update Course does not have an associated examination. The 15-Hour course has an examination which must be passed to receive credit for the class.  The course content also varies. The 15-Hour Course includes a full review of USPAP - all the standards and rules. The 7-Hour Update Course focuses on the changes that have been made in the most recent version of USPAP.  

It may be the first time they are taking USPAP, in which case they are required to take the 15-Hour course.  For those who are renewing their USPAP, many appraisers need continuing education credits for reaccreditation purposes and therefore may choose a 15-Hour Course to receive additional CE credits.

The first time an appraiser takes USPAP, he/she must take the 15-Hour Course and pass the associated exam. This provides the appraiser with information about the entire document. 

No. The AQB minimum requirements that went into effect on January 1, 2018 no longer provides for a 5-year cycle with the 15-Hour Course.  Like the 7-Hour Course, the 15-Hour Course is good until the next release of a new USPAP version.  In addition, RP, PP, GJ and MTS appraisers have to take a 7-Hour USPAP Course with every release of a new USPAP version (new versions are currently released every two years).  

Yes. As of January 1, 2018, the minimum qualification requirement states that appraisers must take an update every time a new version of USPAP is released (new versions are currently released every two years). 

No.  If a previous version of USPAP (either the 7-Hour Update Course or the 15- Hour Course) was not completed, the appraiser will need to take the 15-Hour course and pass the associated exam to get back into compliance.  Going forward, the 7-Hour Update Course can be taken every time there is a new release of USPAP.

The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) has specific rules regarding distance education for USPAP education. TAF requires that all the courses specifically for PP, GJ and MTS appraisers be taught live. ASA offers live, virtual classes to meet this requirement.  RP appraisers should check with their state to see if distance learning options are acceptable.  BV appraisers may take OnDemand/Self-Study USPAP classes which are offered through ASA.

There is no requirement at this time for PP, GJ or MTS appraisers (there is a requirement for real property appraisers to take a USPAP update within the early part of the USPAP cycle.) It is highly recommended that appraisers take the update classes as early as possible in the “cycle” to get the most benefit from the course. Appraisers are held responsible for compliance with the current version of USPAP as of the date of their appraisal report (regardless of the last USPAP course they completed).

USPAP is updated every two years by the Appraisal Standards Board. New versions go into effect on January 1 of even numbered years and are good for two years. The new version of USPAP is usually available on October 1 of the previous year.

Because appraisers state their compliance with USPAP in the “Certification” included in every appraisal report, they need to know what is in the version of USPAP in effect on the date of the report. Professional appraisers should purchase USPAP every time a new version is released to stay aware of all changes that affect them and their assignments.

Yes, as long as the course is developed by or approved by TAF and taught by an AQB- certified USPAP instructor. If there is an examination, that also must have been developed by or approved by TAF and should be proctored.

TAF is sent a list of students who complete USPAP classes by instructors or sponsoring organizations. In addition, ASA maintains records for all who attend ASA sponsored courses.

No.  Students need to take the 15-hour course and then they may take the associated exam.