Financial Assistance Through ASAEF

ASA's Educational Foundation (ASAEF)

ASAʼs Educational Foundation (ASAEF) is a separate, nonprofit corporation established by ASA and chartered in 1967. The mission of the ASAEF is to carry on educational, research, and charitable activities related to the advancement of the appraisal profession. ASAEF is exempt from income tax as a 501(c)3 organization; thus, contributions are deductible as charitable contributions.

The foundation is managed by a board of directors, four of whom serve as officers. The directors are appointed by ASAʼs Board of Governors and sit as trustees, but have no other legal connection with ASAEF, which manages its affairs independently of ASA.

The foundation is supported by contributions, revenue from auctions at ASA's International Conference, and proceeds from the sale of the 6th edition of "Valuing a Business" by Shannon Pratt and The ASA Educational Foundation.

How it Works

Educational grants are awarded through a written application process and are reviewed by all ASAEF directors. Applications from all disciplines are given equal consideration and it is not necessary to be a member of ASA to apply for an educational grant. Grants cover tuition and book fees related to relevant ASA courses*, continuing appraisal education, college/university-level appraisal-oriented courses, as well as books relevant to professional appraising. Travel and lodging is not included.

  • Requests for grants must be made BEFORE the time the grant is needed.
  • The Board of Directors will act on all applications and will render its decision within 45 to 90 days of receipt of any applications (sometimes sooner); however, it is preferable for all grant requests to be submitted at least 90 days before the event for which the grant is requested in order to ensure proper approval time.
  • Grants must be used within 90 days of their approval or the grant will be withdrawn and the funds will be redirected.
  • Grants are issued by the ASA Educational Foundation one course at a time. Applicants may request a grant for more than one course, but such requests will not be acted upon until the applicant provides proof of successfully completing the first approved course coupled with a request to be approved for a subsequent course. The applicant may be required to complete a new application and/or provide additional data before approval is granted for additional course work.

*The Educational Foundation provides grants for continuing education courses only. The Educational Foundation does not accept applications for USPAP courses or to attend ASA or other industry conferences /events.