Student Program—Itʼs FREE!

ASA offers a special membership program for students and Real Property Trainees (and it's free of charge—yes, you read that right)!  ASAʼs Student Program will introduce you to the valuation profession and provide you with valuable benefits like:

  • Savings on education classes, webinars, conferences, and events
  • Networking at international conferences and local events
  • Subscriptions to ASA publications
  • Access to discipline-centric list-servs
  • Savings on goods and services through ASAʼs Discount Savings Programs
  • Grants through ASAʼs Education Foundation

Program Requirements

To qualify for this category, students need to be:

  1. Currently enrolled in a qualified part-time or full-time post-secondary education program and NOT be working as an appraiser*; OR
  2. A Real Property Appraiser Trainee who holds a state issued trainee license.**

* Qualified is defined as at least six (6) credit hours and/or two (2) classes per semester (minimum) at an accredited college or university (GIA students also accepted).

**For states that do not offer Trainee Licenses, or where Trainee Licenses are not mandatory, a letter from the Traineeʼs supervisory appraiser confirming the Traineeʼs status should be provided during the online application process.

Application Process

Apply Online - Student

  • Select the appropriate discipline-specific application
  • Provide evidence of enrollment (university or trainee program)
  • Submit the application

Approval Process

Once your application is submitted online, it will be reviewed by ASA Staff.  You will be notified via e-mail once your application is approved (typically within 5 business days).  

ASA Student Affiliate Program Recruitment

For more information on how current ASA members or college/university faculty can arrange an on-campus presentation about the appraisal profession as a career, e-mail us or call (800) 272-8258.