ASA Political Action Committee

Political Action Committees are the mechanisms through which professional and trade associations, corporations and labor unions are permitted by federal law to make campaign contributions to candidates for Congress and the presidency. While individuals can contribute directly to federal candidates, it was believed that membership organizations, unions and corporations needed a way to express their institutional support for or against candidates for federal office. PACs, which are regulated by the Federal Election Commission, are the vehicles for such contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PAC

  • Why is it important for ASA to have a PAC?

  • How can I contribute to the ASA PAC?

  • Why should an ASA member contribute to ASA's PAC?

  • What's the point if we can't compete with the big givers?

  • How much money would ASA's PAC have to raise each year in order to be effective?

  • Who is eligible to contribute to ASA's PAC and how much can they contribute?

  • How much can the PAC contribute to political candidates?

  • ASA has an active governmental relations representative in Washington, D.C. Why do we also need to fund a PAC?