About MTS

The internationally recognized authority on the valuation of machinery, equipment and specialized fixed assets.

Machinery & Technical Specialty (MTS) appraisers who perform market or liquidation valuations for various purposes such as asset sales, acquisitions, ad valorem (property) tax, collateralization and equipment finance, eminent domain, insurance, litigation, asset reconciliations, inventories, or residual forecasting. The MTS appraisal discipline spans myriad industries and includes the appraisal of machinery, equipment, aircraft, marine assets, and other specialized fixed assets.


“ASA offers one of the most recognized equipment appraisal designations in the world through its MTS program. Classes are taught by some of the most well-respected experts in their fields who have literally written the book on the valuation of machinery of all types.”

Garrett Schwartz, ASA

Editor, ASA’s Valuing Machinery and Equipment Textbook


A Little Bit of History

In 1983, ASA created a new committee, the Machinery & Equipment Committee, which later merged into the Machinery & Technical Specialties (MTS) Committee. The committee developed the Machinery & Technical Specialties discipline’s Principles of Valuation courses, as well as a number of advanced courses such as “Performing Machinery and Equipment Valuations for Financial Reporting Purposes” and the “Appraisals of Inventory.” The committee also coordinated related seminars and conferences, published resources such as standardized value definitions, and advocated on behalf of MTS appraisers and the appraisal profession.

In 1984, the Committee began to publish a discipline journal titled The M&E Appraiser, which changed to its current name, The MTS Journal, in 1993.

Today, the MTS Committee is made up of 19 volunteers, and the MTS discipline boasts a membership of several thousand machinery and Equipment appraisers from all across the globe.  The MTS Journal is published quarterly and the Committee recently released the 4th Edition of its book - Valuing Machinery and Equipment.