Why Choose ASA—It All Starts With “You”

Measuring the True Return of Your Membership Investment

I have been privileged to be accredited as an ASA-BV since 2005.  The valuation training and work discipline which I have acquired through my association with ASA has been very rewarding both professionally and financially.—Steve Graybill, ASA, Downstream Advisors

There are so many choices in life…what to make for dinner, what movie to see, what airline to fly—the list goes on, including what professional appraisal organization to join. Most appraisal societies provide professional development, bestow designations, and host networking conferences and events. But, when it comes to measuring the true return of your membership investment, be sure to take a closer look.

As an appraisal practitioner, you know that easier and cheaper is not always better. You also understand that choices made are often connected with the value they hold.  When it comes to measuring your membership investment, what sometimes gets lost in this equation is the “You” value.

What Does Earning a Designation From ASA Say About “You”?

Sure, you can earn a designation more quickly somewhere else.  You can even pay less, but when it comes to making an investment in “You”—your professional career - be sure to measure the true return on your investment.  A designation from ASA demonstrates…

“You Get the Job Done Right      

Consumers are confident the appraisals they receive from ASA-accredited appraisers will be both reliable and authoritative.

“You” Are Accurate and Credible 

The ASA designation provides a peace of mind to consumers that they have hired the most highly qualified, ethical and experienced professional available and that the appraiser is an expert, providing professional, accurate and full asset value.

“You Have Been Tested and Vetted

ASA designated appraisers bring unparalleled expertise and integrity to every valuation. ASA's thorough and comprehensive education and a rigorous peer-review accreditation process means ASA designated appraisers provide the best valuation expertise available in the market today.

“YouAre Committed to Excellence 

Appraisers who hold a professional designation from ASA provide the best valuation expertise available in the market today.  Striving for excellence is not just a goal; it's ASA's unwavering commitment to our members and to the public.  ASA designated members dedicate themselves to achieving the highest standards in everything they do and are driven by an unyielding passion for excellence.

“You” Are Educated and Experienced

Due to the complex nature of appraisal work, education and experience are crucial. That is why ASA requires extensive coursework and testing to build a solid knowledge foundation, thorough peer-evaluation of an appraisal report and 10,000 hours (or five years) of experience to receive the ASA designation.

Donʼt trust your membership investment to anything less than the best.  

Make the right choice.  Invest in You

Get Started Now.