Important ASA Reminder - If It Smells Fishy, It Probably is

September 22, 2023

ASA issued an important reminder to members today about e-mail phishing and not to be a victim.

Messaged by ASA CEO Johnnie White, the reminder spoke to the need to stay vigilant against phishing attempts.

White explained that hackers use fraudulent practices to spoof people into giving up their data. The most common technique is e-mail phishing. Hackers send messages that appear legitimate or look like they're from someone you trust so that you engage with the message or click on malicious attachments.

He gave an example of how recently an e-mail had been sent to ASA members that looked like it was from our International President, which wasn't the case, and that it was a phishing e-mail.

The following tips were also shared:

  • Double-check that the sender's e-mail address matches who they claim to be.
  • Don't click a link or download from someone you don't know or weren't expecting.

  • Don't reply to a suspicious e-mail or message from an e-mail you don't recognize.

  • Inform ASA of potential attempts at