ASA to Launch New “Why Join” Phase in The ASA Difference Campaign—How Can Members Help?

October 9, 2023

ASA is set to begin the next phase of The ASA Difference campaign, an international effort to raise awareness of the Society and its members.

Focusing on membership recruitment, the next phase will spotlight the fundamental reasons and benefits of joining.

ASA CEO Johnnie White provided a sneak peek of a promotional video at the 2023 ASA International Conference. The video featured member testimonials and showcased how ASA connects appraisers or those looking to become one with a professional community of experts to help advance their career or business. The video and follow-up discipline-centric shorts will be posted to ASA’s YouTube and TikTok channels and ASA’s website and promoted on social media.

View the video here.

Additional introductory efforts will include the placement of ads in targeted profession-based mediums, broadcast e-mails, social media outreach, conference sponsorships and exhibitions, the pursuit of earned-media opportunities and addition of promotional materials to The ASA Difference Marketing Toolkit.

How can ASA members help support this effort? This question was addressed by Johnnie White in his remarks proceeding the debut of the “Why Join” video. White invited members to help support this effort by encouraging their staff or colleagues to join ASA, becoming a mentor, or giving career talks at their alma mater.

Here are additional activities members can do to help:

  • Add the ASA logo to your website and appraisal reports
  • Mention and link to ASA on your website and social media channels
  • Include your ASA credential when listing your name
  • Share your story on why you joined ASA on your website, blog, newsletters, social media posts, etc.
  • Mention ASA in your next article or presentation
  • Help your chapter organize a rising stars educational/networking event

As part of White’s closing remarks about the next phase, he stressed the importance of members working together to help educate and support the next generation of appraisers and to continue the legacy of ASA being the preeminent valuation professional organization.